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'Parma leather artisans'

Mr Carlo Valenti, the founder of Anderson’s, was born in 1935. As a young man in 1960, he started learning the art of belt making at a famous leather factory in Parma. Here he found everything there is to know about leather, so after 6 years he took that knowledge and decided to start his own business. Together with a few colleagues and his future wife, he started the Anderson’s company in 1966. Being an Anglophile, he was very fond of hats and wore suits by English tailor ‘Anderson and Sheppard’… that’s how the name ‘Anderson’s’ came to life. Anderson’s is now one of the leading accessories companies in Italy and maybe the oldest men’s belt manufactory in Europe.

Mr Valenti asked one of his very good friends, Mr Pancaldi Bruno, founder of one of the best-known Italian brands, to join him. Together they travelled all over the world attending the most important exhibitions and making the name Anderson’s synonymous with the highest quality of design and manufacturing, combining modern techniques with the experience and tradition of the “Parma leather artisans”.

Sadly in 2006, Mr Valenti passed away but the company continues, run by his wife, daughter Elisabetta and son Riccardo. Anderson’s is a real family business, proud to still be owned and run by the original family and is still – after more than 45 years – based in Parma, Italy, where 100% of belts are manufactured by 50 employees. Production takes place exclusively at the laboratories in Parma (historically well known for the manufacturing of shoes and leather goods), where each individual operation is supervised by expert craftsmen.

Each garment is made with knowledge and quality that has been passed on from generation to generation. The town Parma has been the birthplace of high quality Italian belts and Anderson’s pieces are one of its outstanding products. Our heritage is evident in placing values on material, sewing, processing and workmanship passed on over generations within our family. That’s why all our products are entirely handmade in Italy using premium quality leathers and fabrics.

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