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They all hate us..but we love them!

Addicted to ‘They all hate us’ at the moment’. An inspiring Fashion and Lifestyle blog created by two friends in Australia. Get your daily fix.

8eae1ba326ffdf7aa601f7bbdaacc08f76a4dd91d23309f9ff6b3c2d87767d9a‘They All Hate Us’ was born from a shared love of all things fashion, lifestyle and inspirations between two best friends – Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson. What started as a daily ‘afternoon delight’ of images over email to each other to bring a smile to their faces and help get them through the day, soon spiraled into the international blog it is today. Gone are the days when Elle and Tash would crash their work server with albums of their favourite quotes, must have fashion items and aspirations, instead these personal musings are shared for us all to enjoy.

288b6718659711697da42bb332fa1b4eTash, a buyer and head of womenswear for a leading youth retailer in Australia and a mother of two, first started paying attention to fashion at the age of 15 when her mother bought her a Gucci horsebit belt – and since then she hasn’t looked back. “My mother always taught me to invest in classic pieces and buy timeless things that will always look amazing. Elle and I will agree that our mums are definitely our style icons. ”Tash loves to wear block colours, stripes, basic tees and would describe herself as a jeans girl, but always feels good in just black, grey and white. “With two children I have to get ready in five minutes – time is of the essence and decision making has to be done quickly!”

ebd8749a31fc6173d380593c5d270a823483ba51cc1f54cfa5d02b607977bcdeElle, a visual merchandising manager for an Australian swimwear label, has a weakness for denim shorts, claiming to own over thirty pairs. Her signature look always includes a pair of cut-offs (worn probably six out of seven days of the week!), white tee, black blazer and ankle boots. Though she does admit to struggling with evening wear, “I feel I need to maybe steer away from the shorts before people start criticising…I mean it’s been four years now!” Elle believes the reason why so many of us love the blog is because of their uniqueness, “the blog is just a great edit of what we are and what we love. Our readers can take inspiration and find things they like from the both of us.”

“We just wanted an outlet to share our passions and aspirations between each other and the blog has snowballed from that. Our posts are never pre-planned and are always just a burst of our organic thoughts, there to make you feel good and cheer you up on a bad day! We love that our readers trust us and come to us for advice and help, we make sure every email gets a reply!”76a4dd91d23309f9ff6b3c2d87767d9a

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