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We love Paris!


I love Paris in the springtime,
I love Paris in the Fall.....

So where do you go when you need some inspiration? When you need to find some new brands that make the heart race? Why Paris of course! Now, Pitti in Florence is where it’s at for the Menswear but for women the Who’s Next and Premiere Classe trade shows have got it sussed.

We’ve picked up some gorgeous new collections for next Autumn 2016. More details to follow when we’ve confirmed our orders but let’s just say we’re excited to be collaborating with some great new bag, jewellery and belt ranges.

We also made our first trip to Maison et Objet. For a long while we’ve been thinking it would be nice to offer more lifestyle products and taking a trip to this show only confirmed it. Let’s face it you can never have too many cushions, bottles of olive oil or bathmats in your life can you?!

There were some fantastic pieces of furniture that we’re desperately trying to work into our budget too. Super cool powder pink metal dining chairs, mid century style lighting, velvet sofas…I admit I was redecorating every room of the house, but for James it was purely business. A bit like going for cocktails when your best friend has decided to do dry January.

It was a flying trip but being in Paris, particularly in the sunshine, renews your spirits and encourages your creative side. Walking the streets and window shopping has given us lots of new ideas for in store at Canopy. Hopefully, you’ll like what’s coming.

The Leon & Harper shop on Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris. Also available at Canopy, Sadler Gate, Derby.

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