Hand Cleaning Spray- Super Rouge x Mathilde Cabanas


This cleansing spray washes hands without rinsing. Conceived in collaboration with Mathilde Cabanas, “Super Rouge” reveals a delicate, fruity fragrance! This everyday superhero is overflowing with love for your skin and laces your hands with hints of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry around a soft almond milk heart.


This cleansing spray effectively washes your hands without water. Its formulation is based on a mix of natural glycerin and organic aloe vera, which leaves your skin soft, clean, and freshly scented, without the risk of any pesky allergen.

Eliminate impurities from everyday life
Moisturizing and protective natural glycerin
Nourishing and repairing organic Aloe Vera
Light, transparent, non-sticky texture
Bottle 100% recycled from household waste
Concentrated at 65% alcohol (Ethanol 96°)
Bottle refillable at will
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